Gym Classes

Gentle Fit

A beginners 45 minute gym class using a mixture of body weight and free weights combining gentle exercises that will build cardio, strength, flexibility and stamina.

Get Fit

An intermediate 45 minute fitness class focusing on building cardiovascular fitness using a mixture of body weight and free weights to improve your strength and mobility.

Sweat Circuit

A 45 minute circuit class that is adapted to your strength and fitness abilities. Classes each week are split into whole body, lower and upper body focus, so you can build a real routine with several classes per week.

This class is suitable for regular exercisers who are ready to challenge their fitness, strength and stamina. 

High Intensity Interval Training

A Cardiovascular exercise strategy, challenging your anaerobic fitness. Working in short, intense periods with less intense recovery periods.  You can expect this class to push your limits and challenge your fitness levels. 

Ideally suited to those who have built up fitness in an existing fitness class, and confident exercising consistently within a 30 minute time frame with minimum rest. Unsuitable for those working with injury.