Studio Classes

Mindfulness and Meditation Class

Relax, calm and unwind with Nicola as she takes you on a guided visualisation journey to help clear the mind and relax the body. These weekly sessions will enhance your relaxation process and release any stressful or negative thoughts. 

This Thursday evening 45 minute class will help you release tension and take you into a peaceful state. Regular sessions will bring about more peace and calm, happiness, better health, helping to strengthen the immune system. Deep relaxation to calm the brain, helping you make better decisions and seeing a much more positive outlook in life. 

Class starts 23 June.

Pilates Classes

Pilates uses low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements.

Postnatal Pilates: Coming to OneWellness every Wednesday starting 6th July with Sam at 12pm. This 45 minute class is suitable for new mums and involves using a unique mix of Pilates and a low-pressure breathing and fitness technique called Hypopressives. Meet new mums and introduce your babies whilst building a stronger core and all round body conditioning safely with Sam’s expertise. Babies up to pre crawling age are welcome to attend and we are a breastfeeding friendly club with baby changing facilities available.

Rehabilates: A functional movement-based Pilates class ideal for newcomers or anyone wanting a gentle approach to exercise.

Cardiolates: Fast paced Pilates with a focus on core strength.

Pilates: This class consists of low impact flexibility, strengthening and endurance exercises particularly focusing on posture, balance and core strength. Different variations of each exercise are available plus the freedom to work at your own pace making this class suitable for all levels.

We also offer 1:1 Pilates sessions.

Barre Classes

A low impact, high intensity Barre style classes, focused on muscular strength, form and posture. Emma’s classes often use light weights, blocks and balls as ways of engaging muscles and challenging their endurance.

Ideal for those who want to build deep strength whilst also working on mobility, and also enjoy some burn! It is helpful in training for sports or in physical rehabilitation.

Cardio Barre is an upbeat, high energy barre class combining both traditional barre style exercises with a cardio circuit format. This full body workout is still zero impact but works at a quicker pace to increase the heart rate and build up a sweat!

Emma also teaches Barre 1:1 sessions.

Dance Cardio

Emma leads this fun 45 minute aerobic cardio dance class aiming to increase overall fitness and endurance. This class can be adapted to suit all abilities with a zero impact option available for those who are new to fitness or recovering from any injury. This class is great for anyone wanting to improve mobility, coordination and cardio fitness and also for anyone wanting to channel their inner Patrick Swayze or Darcy Bushell! A fantastic way to start your Saturday!

Yoga Classes

In our yoga offering we have everything from relaxing, gentle stretching to powerful flow styles that will build strength, flexibility and stamina. This way we cover the broad ranging benefits of the practice of yoga. One thing that they all have is this idea of a moving meditation.

Our variety of teachers each offer their own approach to the practice. We invite you to try all our teachers and styles so you can find what you love (there is really something for everyone).

We offer five styles of Yoga classes to suit anyone new or experienced in this practice plus a class dedicated to runners.

Beginners Yoga: This gentle approach to yoga led by Jess, improves your flexibility and general movement patterns which support your everyday life. Moving through yoga sequences, we work on posture, alignment and core strength. This class is best suited to those of a beginner level.

Fitness Yoga: This energetic class with Megan focuses on building muscular strength and flexibility through yoga inspired sequences. In this class you can expect to build core strength, move through challenging poses and unwind using relaxation techniques. This class is best suited to those of an intermediate/advanced level. You can take part in Fitness yoga, on Tuesday morning and evenings and Thursday mornings.

Runners Yoga: Thursday evening class designed specifically for runners and athletes, to ease tight hips and hamstrings, enhance performance and prevent injury. Mobility and flexibility are essential for good running form and these sessions will help you run better for longer. You will also learn valuable skills to aid recovery and warm up more efficiently.

Vinyasa Yoga Flow: This upbeat and energetic Monday evening class with Jess, is suitable for intermediate to advanced levels and offers a mixture of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga styles and is the perfect way to start your week.

Relax and De-Stress Yoga: This Wednesday evening wind-down class with Jess, is a combination of Yin Yoga and meditation to balance the body and mind. Through gentle stretching and mindfulness, you will leave feeling rested and rejuvenated. This class is suitable for all levels.