Our Team

We have a unique background with our roots in healthcare so we have the expertise of some of the UKs leading specialists in Lifestyle Medicine, mental and physical wellbeing, fitness, as well as health psychologists and nutritionists.

We are exceptionally well placed to support our Harrogate community to achieve their wellbeing aims by enabling personal change, all supported by our online platform.

Megan Brooks

Personal Trainer, Pre/Postnatal and Movement Coach

My go-to self care practice is getting outside in nature. Long walks and time away from my phone allows me to relax and re-charge. 

Ben Naughton

Strength and Conditioning Instructor

I believe that everyone can lead a life that is balanced, healthy and pain free. Fitness doesn’t have to take over your life to benefit you, but when done right it can be life changing – both now and in the future.

Emma Ryder

Emma Ryder

Barre and Pilates Instructor

For me, exercise is the time where I can fully focus on myself and reconnect with my mind and body. Variety is the key to my fitness with lots of different classes and styles, always keeping it interesting with a chance to try something new.

Sam Blakey

Sam Blakey

Pilates Instructor

I believe optimising core strength is the key to good functional movement and posture and enables us to safely engage in more demanding activities. My focus is always to safely challenge myself and my clients and show that age really is irrelevant, if you choose wisely when on embarking on a fitness programme. Almost nothing is impossible!


Jess Barnard

Yoga and Full Body Burn Instructor

For many years, Yoga has been a huge part of my life and it is my passion to share the Yogi magic and spread positive vibes! My classes involve guiding participants with mindfulness towards a strong mind and body.

Alasdair Everest-Ford

Head of OneWellness

I believe staying healthy should be fun and enjoyable. I find being in the company of others whilst being physically active is key to keeping me engaged which I achieve through team tennis, golf and group exercise. I am passionate about helping more people to stay healthier with improved wellbeing.

Sally-Ann Lewis

Wellbeing Development Manager

Movement is essential for my physical and mental wellbeing and is a daily part of my life. I am tuned into listening to what my body needs each day and align exercise to my energy levels and choose movement I enjoy including yoga, Pilates, dog walking and HIIT. I am motivated to exercise alone and also enjoy running with friends, virtual workouts and long walks enjoying season change.