Personal Training

You’ll find our trainers are all very approachable and friendly and they will help you to achieve your wellbeing and fitness goals. Whether they’re running functional training and gym classes or providing one-to-one Personal Training, they’ll help you to keep you motivated.

The benefits of Personal Training

  • Education: you will learn how to use equipment properly and do exercises safely, empowering you with knowledge!
  • Motivation: there is nothing like the encouragement of a PT to keep you moving in a workout even when you feel fatigued. This is where we build both mental and physical strength and fitness.
  • You’re held accountable: you make a commitment and work together to move towards goals. A PT will remind you why you started, will show you how far you’ve come and keep you moving towards that goal.
  • Get a personal plan: we are all different, so we all need a different workout. Working with a PT means you can target your workouts to reach your goals. It also helps in keeping your workouts varied (it’s all too easy to stick with the same workout!)

You’ll never regret an investment in Personal Training. And you’ll be amazed just how soon you see real results. 


45 minute Personal Training sessions are priced at:

£37 for 1 session

£35 per session when booking 5 sessions

£34 per session when booking 10 sessions.

Block bookings need to be paid up front. Cancellation notice 24 hours. Groups sessions of 2-3 people are also available so please enquire via phone, email or by visiting the club.

Our Personal Trainers

I believe that everyone deserves to find their own version of wellbeing, health and fitness, and these practices look different for everyone. 

Rooted in a passion for living well and being fit for life, I help people to find a good balance between enjoying movement and not sacrificing a lifestyle that they love.

My biggest piece of advice that I regularly give to my clients, is to tune out the noise of the fitness industry. Ignore the fad diets, the restrictive rules and the belief that health and fitness is a one size fits all. 

Healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and I believe that everybody can find a way to move that they enjoy, for reasons beyond wanting to change the way we look.