Our MSK Physiotherapy Service involves an assessment, diagnosis and treatment of adult musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain. Sports physiotherapy is also available which diagnoses and treats sports injuries.

Physiotherapy helps restore, preserve, or improve upon movement and functionality, reduce pain, and educates on how to avoid similar injuries in the future.

What to expect in a Physiotherapy session

A typical 45 minute Physiotherapy assessment will involve gathering all relevant information to understand the current condition of the body and a physical assessment, which will include a range of motion, strength and movement kinematics assessments. This physical assessment is individualised to the patient so will be different for each person. Once diagnosed, time is taken to demonstrate and share rehabilitation exercises which can be performed in a gym or at home. 

Our Physio will be able to make use of our gym where necessary, to show you exercises and how best to use equipment for your needs.

Prices and Booking

£40 for OneWellness Members

£60 regular price.

Packages are available.

Our Physiotherapist has availability throughout the week, bookable via MindBody or by contacting us.

We are currently recruiting for a part time Physiotherapist so if you are interested or know anyone who is, please get in touch.