National Fitness Day is more important than ever before

On Wednesday 22 September, the wellbeing and fitness sector will unite to celebrate National Fitness Day, which is now in its tenth year and has grown year on year thanks to the incredible work and support from organisations within the industry.

It has been an incredibly turbulent and challenging time over the past 18 months and as we move into a post pandemic world, many people’s lives have changed along with our routines, social interactions, connections and for some more flexibility allowing us to prioritise exercise. Physical activity will be a vital vehicle on our COVID-19 recovery journey, reconnecting us through healthy active choices whether that be on the gym floor, a group exercise studio, out for a walk with friends or in your own space.

National Fitness Day is an opportunity to demonstrate how physical activity can unite people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Physical activity is a powerful enabler and living your healthiest life through staying active whilst having fun in the process has a well-documented positive affect on physical health, mental and emotional wellbeing and of course allows for social connection that many of us need and have missed.

At OneWellness we believe that being physically active means something different to each of us, whether it be to enjoy life and being active with your family and friends, feeling healthier and connected, recovering from injury, having fun or training for a sport to name just a few.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic OneWellness adapted it’s fitness class delivery to online in an attempt to maintain connections and friendships our members had nurtured providing the opportunity to see some familiar faces virtually was reported by our members to be a real boost to moral and motivation to stay active. We have maintained this function and adapted a hybrid approach to class delivery which are now not only delivered face to face at the Club but streamed live for those wishing to take part at home or in their place of work.

Finding the right ‘fit’ for you through activities that are compatible with and complementary to your life, level of fitness and enjoyment is essential to promote a long-lasting change and keep you active even when motivation dwindles. OneWellness Clubs will help you to set your goals and figure out the best path for you to enjoy your fitness and wellbeing journey. You will find the journey more enjoyable by making likeminded friends in a relaxed and supportive environment, made easy with our un-intimidating and beautiful space. We pride ourselves on making you feel at home quickly.

We have expanded our offering too to cater for a wide demographic from young to old by offering classes such as Gentle Fit for 50 years plus, Pre and Postnatal classes, Barre, Gentle Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Strength, Movement and Balance classes.

Our wellbeing and fitness reach is not limited to those wishing to consume fitness in real time, we have developed an on-demand online wellbeing and fitness platform OneWellness Online to help communities and individuals stay active whenever and wherever you please.

OneWellness Online service is available to all of our members and class goers at no extra cost to help keep you active and informed on the go.

Wellbeing and fitness providers play a vital role in engaging communities and collectively providing something for everyone to enjoy. OneWellness Clubs want to play our part for National Fitness. Day by offering everyone a free fitness and wellbeing class of your choice. This offer is. extended to anyone wishing to start or maintain their journey to fitness and is a permeant offer in a bid to maximise reach in improve lives in Harrogate and surrounding areas.

We all have different ways of being active as well. From everyday movement to a focussed effort on increasing your physical activity there is no better time than National Fitness Day to individually unite, socially connect and strive to lead healthier and happier lives.

Start your journey with a free class and begin to live your healthiest life by visiting: