Introduction to finding inner peace and stillness workshop

Back by popular demand, we welcome Nicola Hainsworth to deliver the OneWellness Clubs July workshop, which will be focused on working with the mind and body to release tension and stress, allowing you to welcome relaxation to your day. Nicola will teach attendees how to use physical and mental techniques to calm the mind, unwind the whole body and reach a state of deep relaxation which benefits the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual systems within.

Through taking part in this workshop, you can expect to learn and practise techniques to help to reduce stress, enhance and strengthen the immune system, increase your intuition, and feel more positive, energised and focused. You will gain an awareness of better decision-making skills and how to enhance your relationship with yourself and others.

The workshop will begin with intention setting and move into breathing techniques, practical exercises for grounding and balancing, sound healing to balance and align your energy, and end with a guided visualisation. This workshop is ideal for anyone who experiences a busy mind and is looking to gain a little quiet and stillness into their life.

This workshop is being held on Sunday 10th July at 11am-12:30pm. Attendees are welcome to arrive at 10:30am for a hot tea before the workshop. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket, notepad and pen.

Members £14, non members £16. Key workers 20% off.

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